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Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?
- Luke 24:32(NIV)

Weekend Talk Schedule

   Talk   Time   Prayer
 1   Priority   Fri 9:45AM   Fri 9:15AM 
 2   Prevenient Grace   Fri 11:20AM   Fri 10:50AM 
 3   Priesthood of All Believers   Fri 1:45PM   Fri 1:15PM 
 4   Justifying Grace   Fri 3:00PM   Fri 2:30PM 
 5   Life in Piety   Fri 6:30PM   Fri 6:00PM 
 6   Grow Through Study   Sat 8:45AM   Sat 8:15AM 
 7   Means of Grace   Sat 10:15AM   Sat 9:45AM 
 8   Christian Action   Sat 3:00PM   Sat 2:30PM 
 9   Obstacles to Grace   Sat 4:30PM   Sat 4:00PM 
 10   Discipleship   Sat 7:00PM   Sat 6:30PM 
 11   Changing Our World   Sun 8:25AM   Sun 7:55AM 
 12   Sanctifying Grace   Sun 9:35AM   Sun 9:05AM 
 13   Body of Christ   Sun 10:30AM   Sun 10:00AM 
 14   Perseverance   Sun 1:00PM   Sun 12:30PM 
 15   Fourth Day   Sun 2:00PM   Sun 1:30PM